About me

This is me.

I'm the one in the middle. The jokers around me are my kids. It's nearly impossible to get a picture of myself, and even harder to get one of me alone. I have too many helpers to get that done.

I have always loved moms and babies. I studied Nursing at the University of South Carolina, and graduated from there with my bachelor's degree. The summer before I graduated I found a nursing internship at one of the local hospitals in the mother and baby unit, and I was hooked. I thought I would be a labor and delivery nurse for the rest of my life. I loved the little hospital in Oregon where I was working, but things have a way of changing on you.

My first child was born with special needs - a cleft lip and palate - and I left work to take care of him. Shortly after his birth, we moved to NC from Oregon. Life got in the way, along with two other siblings, and I reveled in the life of a stay at home mom. I thought about going back to work from time to time, but I wanted to stay home with my babies more.

Then, one day a friend of mine discovered that she was pregnant. It was her first baby, and I suggested that she look into hiring a doula to help guide her through her labor and delivery. She looked around, but couldn't settle on anyone, and finally told me that she wanted ME to be her doula.

"But I'm not a doula!" I said.

"Well, why not?" she asked.

And really, why not? So I looked into it. I read all the books and took all the classes and found myself right where I wanted to be. Working as a doula gave me the best parts of what I loved working as a nurse - supporting and loving a woman who is bringing her child into the world, without the drawbacks - I could stay with one woman for her whole labor instead of trying to divide my time, and I got to forgo the reams of paperwork! Who wouldn't love that? I've also decided to not stop here, but will go back to school to pursue my master's in Midwifery once my youngest starts kindergarten.

Other than that, I love to knit, and you will usually find yarn somewhere in my bag. I have two dogs, but am deathly allergic to cats. I adore my husband and children, and am a hobbyist photographer. My family and pets are my favorite subjects. I always have some sort of household project going on, and usually manage to mess up a few times but get it right in the end.

I tend to be goofy, and love to have a good time chatting and playing games with friends. If you haven't tried the ABBA dancing wii game, you're missing out. I also love reading and finding good old shows on Netflix that I missed when they were popular. I love to laugh.

A couple of my friends told me that I really need to put another picture of myself up here, because the one up top makes me look mean and growly. That's hard to do when I'm always the one BEHIND the camera! I dug this one up, though. It's older, but my 9 year old says I look like the same old mom in it.  I'll trust his judgement.

Certifications and Qualifications
  • Bachelor's of Science in Nursing - University of South Carolina
  • Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing
  • Certified through DONA International
  • cleftAdvocate Pathfinder